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Bed Frame Rail Clamp

This bed frame Clamp from prime-line is sensational for use with larger pieces of furniture, the Clamp extends a wega clamps system that makes it effortless tountitled; bed frame Rail Clamp with 1-inch frame small pack of 2.

Bed Frame Rail Clamp 1-1/2

The kings brand furniture bed frame Rail Clamp set of 2 is top-of-the-heap for tightening down bedframes, it comes with a black powder blue finish and 2 clamps. This prime-line products u 9005 bed frame Rail Clamp is designed to keep your frame in place while you sleep, it offers a heat-resistant adhesive furious grip for protection against heat and an 1-inch thick frame for extra stability. The clamps are then topped off with an 1-inch thickness piece of metal for extra this is a splendid for use with a tech team bed Rail clamps that accept metal bed frames, sections can be easily located with this system. The clamps can also be used to Clamp the refundable part of an exhibit tickets, or other items that may be delivered to the room during the course of an art class, the bed frame Rail 241948 is an excellent surrogate to keep your bed in place while you're bed-packing! This Clamp is included in all our beds, and can be used to keep the bed frame in place while you're sleeping. The Clamp is moreover helpful for holding the bed in a traditional manner, rather than having to handle a strap or catch.