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Corner Bed Frame

This Corner bed frame imparts a stainless steel frame and is fabricated with a mosquito netting curtain bracket to keep you cool and you feel comfortable, the 4 Corner bed canopy will help block out pests and keep you comfortable.

Corner Bracket For Bed Frame

This is a top-grade add-on for our new Corner bracket for bed frames, the Corner bracket offers two protectors that protect the finish on the frame from Corner cuts. The bracket also extends been uncomplicated to order and fit to ensure accurate fit, this bed frame renders an 4- Corner mosquito netting curtain bracket to keep you feeling safe from the sun and mosquitoes. The frame as well post-stainless steel to ensure your bed is just as safe as ever, this is a new 25 mm 4 Corner bed canopy post stainless steel frame mosquito netting bracket. It is a top-grade substitute to add a little extra storage to your bed and make it more of a "island" style bed, the bracket also includes two brackets to add a netting brace to the bed for this metal bed frame is a sensational all-in-one frames for your home as it extends an 4 Corner post metal mosquito netting frame bracket. The bracket can provide extra space for your home's size netting game, and also provide a feel of hard surface space as well as an extra Corner for your writing area.